The Writing Table

The world can be a noisy, rude place these days, with folks lining up to tell us what to think, what to do, and how to be. Often our inner critics are just as bossy and negative. What’s a woman to do?

Step into a quiet space, where honesty is valued and words set you free. Join other women in a weekly writing practice. Not as in practice-makes-perfect, but a weekly appointment to write from the heart. To explore our own stories, to feel at home with ourselves. No matter where we’ve come from.

Lay down your burdens and leave them outside. Step into a space of authenticity. All you need to carry is some paper and a pen, and your own brave, beautiful, unedited self. You don’t need a background in writing, just a desire to tell the truth and write from the heart.

How does it work?

Up to ten women gather together. We begin each session by quieting down and limbering up with some creative exercises. Nothing fancy, nothing difficult. Just getting ready to launch out and see where our words take us. Before setting off, we chart a course together using a creative prompt. Then for 15 minutes, we write without stopping, without censoring one word. There are no prizes for polished prose here, no need to be tidy or respectable. We don’t write to sound smart or sophisticated, but to get at the truth of the moment. Life is complicated, beautiful, messy. So are we. We capture that life as we write, letting words carry us along like waves on the ocean.

After 15 minutes, we pause and take turns reading what we wrote, holding space for one another. No judgment or raised eyebrows here when you read, just love and affirmation coming back to you. Your words will be a gift for the women sitting with you. And as you listen to them read, you’ll find yourself thinking, “Wow, I’ve always thought I was the only one who felt that way.” We’ll repeat this practice two more times, writing from prompts and reading aloud.

Together, we’ll find quiet each week. We’ll find community, too, without fear of sounding lame or strange as we write our truth with one another. And while I am not a therapist, and The Writing Table is not therapy, the practice itself is deeply therapeutic. It’s certainly transformative – grounding and uplifting at the same time.

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I look forward to writing with you!


"Liz is a beautiful, open and vulnerable writer. She has a way of supporting her students to really 'go there' and tap into a deeper place by modeling it herself. Her warmth and strength vibrates out to make you feel supported as a writer and a human being." - Angie

"Liz shines a light on everything she does. Her radiance comes through on the page in her writing and lights the way for her students as she guides a writing practice. Writing with Liz is inspiring and real. She is honest, clear and bright.  It is a joy to tell stories alongside this incredible woman." - Kristen

"Liz is a loving, soulful leader. You can feel her passion for this writing practice across the table and it is contagious. I left her class feeling liberated, renewed and fired up to write some more. Love her so much." - Cynthia